Training + Tools: $2900

**Please note: this program requires hard work and permanent changes in how you lead, communicate and interact with your dog. Please research our social media pages prior to committing!

This program is for dogs who are 6+ months old and crate trained. We focus HEAVILY on mindset of the dog and your relationship with them. As your relationship grows, you will find that their obedience naturally begins to improve!

This program introduces your dog to a permission-based lifestyle. This means WE humans begin to make all decisions for the  dog, and they learn to look to us for guidance in everything they do. This taps into their natural pack mentality, and every dog thrives on leadership! It’s what they crave! When your dog understands that YOUR guidance and permission is MORE relevant than any distractions you encounter, this opens up a world of freedom and fun for you as a team! You can literally take them anywhere and enjoy calm, obedient behavior! 

Rewards, affection, praise, positive markers and food are use to reinforce what we want.  Discipline, punishment, structure and boundaries communicate clearly what we DON'T want. Very black and white! This creates a calm demeanor because the dog is no longer confused or guessing what we want from them!

Your dog will stay with me in my home for 2.5 weeks and be completely immersed in a structured, permission-based lifestyle. They will be treated like our family dog while here, and you will receive daily updates and videos!

They will learn 5 basic commands:


Not only will they learn these commands, they will learn how to be CALM and RESPECTFUL while in these commands. 
We focus HEAVILY on state of mind training, which will slow anxiety, calm fears and create a relaxed, happy dog!

This program also addresses:

Crate Manners

Threshold Manners

Meal Manners

Stops unwanted behaviors such as jumping and barking

**I am NOT currently accepting any dogs with a human BITE history, due to children living in my home. I can refer you to some highly credible trainers in Ohio and Maryland for these types of cases.**

The Board & Train includes field trip outings and hikes to various places around Charleston to proof their new skills and set them up for success at home! During week 3, owners are welcome  and encouraged to come join their dog for training sessions and outings to practice!

The pick-up date is a 2+ hour session where we discuss and PRACTICE everything YOU will need to maintain at home! You will also be given a checklist to help stay accountable and successful. 

Included in your program:
•Herm Sprenger prong collar (if needed)
•Mini educator 300 Ecollar
•15-ft long line

• Slip leash

•Information packet/Homework materials 

•Free follow-up advice/session 

•Access to Boarding ($45/day)

**Place cot sold separately and must be purchased prior to pick-up day so it is ready for your dog! I recommend K&H brand from Chewy or Amazon. 

Contact me today to fill out your application. Spots are limited, and I am only accepting qualified candidates who are committed 100% to the program. 


A $500 deposit is required to secure your training dates. It is NON-refundable. The balance of $2400 is due at or by drop-off. 

**NOTE: ALL adult members of the household MUST attend the midway and go home sessions. This program is a lifelong commitment and is meant to be taken seriously. Inconsistencies in leadership at home WILL cause your dog to struggle after training. I am only accepting clients who are eager to learn and work together to be successful with their dog as a team.



$45/night. Available to Board & Train clients only. 

Once your dog has completed the program, they are welcome back for boarding any time! They will brush up on obedience skills (Place, Heel, Thresholds) and maintain the calm, respectful manners they learned here. We LOVE having our graduates back to stay! **Boarding is ONLY available to program graduates.**There is no pick-up after 9 pm. 



Services & Supplies:

Mini Educator Ecollar: $190
Micro Educator Ecollar: $190
Prong collar + Safety: $30
15-ft Long Leash: $10