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We were excited to bring home our poodle but it became very stressful and annoying as he will jump on the children and every time  we wanted to play with him it only lasted a couple minutes because he will jump and bite and go all crazy. We love going on walks and Choco only got to go with us once because he will pull so hard on his leash and it was not enjoyable to take him. Becca is great at working with dogs. Choco showed so much change after only a couple days of the training. We brought him home and finally feels like we can enjoy more our dog. No more jumping on the kids and people, no more biting, and yes more walks and freedom for Choco as he gets to spend more time with our family now because of his good behavior. This training is worth the money! My children just love Choco more now that they can  walk him, and play with him. Our house is more peaceful now, and less stressful.

Sending our two Weimaraners to train at Almost Heaven K9 has been the best decision that we could have done for our dogs and our household. They are very high energy dogs and were often unruly and hard to manage in any situation where there was unfamiliar stimulus. With a baby on the way we knew something had to be done. Becca was amazing with transforming our dogs into two obedient, respectful and much calmer members of our family... while still being just as lovable and fun as they were before! She was awesome in keeping us updated through the whole process on their progress and we were grateful for frequent pics and videos since we missed them so much. Their transformation in 2 weeks was almost unbelievable! Becca was a gift from God for us and we will forever be grateful for her dedication, love and care that she showed our two beautiful pups! She has given us the foundation and tools to make sure that we can include these two in everything we do ❤️

I was starting to have major puppy regret with my 6 month old lab. He had become an added stress in an already hectic household of 6! Until I found Becca! She taught him manners, how to follow commands, walk calmly, lay calmly and so much more. More importantly she also taught us humans how to be dog parents. Our lab Remi is completely changed and I have fallen in love all over again. He respects us, listens to us and is so much happier and calmer. Walks are an absolute pleasure. He is everything I imagined he would be when I first made the decision to bring him home! Becca wants her dogs and parents to have an amazing experience and never worry. She sends updates (videos, pictures, messages)on their progress so no dog parent ever has to wonder how their fur baby is doing!! Can’t recommend Becca at Almost Heaven K9 training enough!

I was watching the posts about her working with dogs & each time I would think, "she's just what we need".  She took our over anxious dog & showed her how to find calmness.  She showed us how to use the tools properly so we can help our dog find calmness.  I highly recommend Becca to help you help your dog.

What a awesome transformation I have seen in my dog Lilly Mae! This is by far money well spent. Becca is wonderful through out the whole time your dog is with her. She keeps you updated on what your dog is working on and how they are progressing. Highly recommended for that 4 legged family member, and for the family itself. We now have a calm and peaceful house again.

I sent my 6yr old poodle mix for the board and train with Becca. We needed some work on our indoor manners. She did and excellent job sharping his skills and giving him freedom to be part of the family on place without us worring about him wondering off and getting himself into trouble. I loved the daily updates of his progress and her openness with his struggles. Becca is an excellent trainer I would recommend sending your dog of any age for training so you can truely have the best day to day life with your furry friend.

What Becca did for Izzy and me has changed how I feel about having a dog. Before her training I would feel stressed about having guests or anytime the doorbell rang. And because I didn't know how to change it I became very frustrated. 
What I love about Becca's training is that she not only trains the dogs with all the repetitive drills, but she trains ME how to communicate with my dog. I've had Izzy home for 4 days and can already feel Izzy and I getting into a groove that is relaxed and comfortable. 
I also have seen the relationship between Izzy and my five young children improve. She will no longer match their energy level but will patiently watch them run around and play. My children love being able to love and pet Izzy without her jumping on them.
Lastly, Becca has always been great to answer follow up questions that I inevitably have. 
A first rate job and worth every penny.

I cannot say enough good things about Becca Wood and Almost Heaven K9 training. Our sweet Koa spent the last two weeks training with Becca and the transformation is amazing.  My 9 year old and I took him on a walk this morning and it was so pleasant. No more pulling me down the street on the leash, chasing cars, or barking at everything and everyone we encountered.  Koa is also so calm at home now.  Dogs are a lot of work, and training one is not easy.  Seeking out the help of a professional who does this for a living was the best decision we have made. I highly recommend Becca and Almost Heaven.

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